What Colace® and Peri‑Colace® Customers Are Saying

I have just started occasionally using Colace®. It is much more convenient to use than some other products I have tried, and I can take it with me when traveling. It works very well.

Theodore Athens, WV

I used Colace® Capsules for occasional constipation after both of my C-sections.

Danielle Elkins Park, PA

A home health worker recommended Colace® Capsules for my mom after she had surgery and became constipated. Colace® took care of the problem.

Angela Murrells Inlet, SC

Thank you so much for making a dye-free version of Colace! I am allergic to red dye.

Lindsay Colorado Springs, CO

I think the product is very effective, and more importantly, very gentle.

Patty North Attleboro, MA

This product provides relief from occasional constipation. It is the #1 brand stool softener recommended by doctors. Give it a try for relief and comfort.

Laura Salem, VA

Peri‑Colace® works exactly as described for occasional constipation.

Diana Jacksonville, FL

Colace® provided gentle relief for occasional constipation that I could count on after I had my baby.*

Hyunjoo Sewell, NJ

For me, stool softeners are not harsh. That’s why I like Colace® for occasional constipation.

John Shelburne, NH

After anal surgery, this product really helped me when I needed a stool softener.

Annelle North Myrtle Beach, SC

I had a surgery and afterwards my doctor recommended this to me if I occasionally experience constipation.

Donna Stuart, VA

Being a rectal cancer survivor, Colace® was recommended by my doctor to help when I occasionally become constipated.

Connie Campbell Hall, NY

A friend of mine recommended that I try Colace® when I occasionally become constipated. I was skeptical but, in the end, I decided to give it a try. I loved it!

Rae New York, NY

This product truly helped me. It didn't leave me running to the bathroom but gave the relief I needed for occasional constipation.

Rachel New York

When I occasionally become constipated, Colace® works smoothly and without pain.

Samuel Smiths Station, AL

2 days, 3 days, 4 days go by and nothing, just a bunch of magazine articles and books read in the bathroom. Then I purchased Colace® for occasional constipation. I was in heaven, and didn't even get past the first page of my new book. For me, Colace® provided relief from my occasional constipation!

John Carlisle, PA

When I was in the hospital I was given Colace® Capsules for occasional constipation. They were a big help! The Colace® really did work.

Cheryl Dryden, NY

Good product for occasional constipation.

Bianca Chicago, IL

I had a colostomy reversal. When I left the hospital, my doctor recommended I take your stool softener, Colace® Capsules. Colace® has worked wonderfully on the occasions that I have taken it, and I am grateful for the product.

Yolanda North Bergen, NJ

I have just started occasionally using Colace®. It is much more convenient to use than some other products I have tried, and I can take it with me when traveling. It works very well.

Theodore Clarksburg, WV

I took Colace® Capsules after my surgery. They were a great help for relieving my constipation.

K Tampa, FL

Colace® gives me the relief I need.

John King, NC

Taking Colace® relieves my occasional constipation, which makes me feel better.

Mabel Rainbow City, AL

I started taking Colace® when I was first diagnosed with an anal fissure. Before, any trip to the bathroom was a real ordeal. I can’t imagine not taking Colace® Capsules for occasional constipation.

Mihaela Chicago, IL

I take Colace® as recommended by my doctor and have had a good experience with the product.

Nancy Daly City, CA

In two words...it works.

Ryon Las Vegas, NV

I successfully used Colace® Capsules after my baby was delivered via C-Section*

Angie Crest Hill, IL

After five years of issues and trying everything on the market, I discovered Colace® Capsules, and now all of my problems with occasional constipation have been solved.

Mary Newhall, CA

Colace® worked wonders for me!

Dee Lutz, FL

I recently had two hips replaced at a world-renowned hospital here in New York. Happily, the operation was successful. However, postoperatively, I became very constipated. The good news is that as part of my regimen I was given two Colace® Capsules. They worked like a charm! Within a short time, I was having regular bowel movements.

Frank New York, NY

Colace® Capsules work wonders for me.

Eldora Peoria, IL

A friend told me to buy Colace®. They said your Capsules would soften stuff up so that I wouldn't have to push as hard when I went to the bathroom. The net result? It's all much more comfortable now. Thanks, Colace® Capsules.

Charles Washington, D.C.

After I had cardiac surgery, my doctor recommended I take Colace® Capsules. I listened to him, and I'm glad I did. They worked.

Richard Cranbury, NJ

I am on 27 medications daily and have occasionally used Colace® Capsules for the past two years. They have successfully worked and have provided me relief when other over-the-counter products have failed. I would recommend Colace® Capsules to others affected by occasional constipation.

Shirley Carlisle, PA

Recommended by my doctor for occasional constipation associated with severe hemorrhoids, and it has worked magnificently.

Albert Mesa, AZ


*If pregnant or breast-feeding please ask a health professional before use.

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