For occasional constipation. Use as directed.


N Softens Stool so it’s Easier to go

N Cramp & Stimulant-Free

N No Harsh Laxatives or Straining

For occasional constipation. Use as directed.

Which Colace is Right for you?

Colace® Regular Strength Capsules

Gentle, Dependable,
Effective Relief From
Occasional Constipation

Colace® Clear Soft Gels

Dye-Free, Stimulant-Free
The Lowest Available Dosage
Strength Of Colace® (50 Mg)

Colace® 2-In-1 Tablets

Stool Softener +
Stimulant Laxative For
Overnight Relief

Colace® Stool Softening Gummies

Stimulant & Cramp Free For
Comfortable Relief

Delicious Berry Flavor


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