Pregnant Women and New Moms
with Occasional Constipation

Are you pregnant or a new mom who's having trouble going? You're one of many. According to a survey, nearly half of new moms experience occasional constipation or other digestive issues, and 9 in 10 who experienced constipation had difficulty "getting things moving" in the days immediately following childbirth.1

Constipation during pregnancy can be caused by several factors. Hormones can relax the intestinal muscle, and the expanding uterus can put pressure on the intestines, which can both lead to constipation. Anxiety, minimal amounts of exercise, and a low-fiber diet can also be contributing factors.2

Pregnant women and new moms can help prevent constipation by drinking plenty of fluids and eating foods that are high in fiber. A stool softener like Colace® can also help provide comfortable relief.3

Colace® Capsules are the #1 doctor recommended stool softener brand, allowing you to focus on the big change in your life without the disruption of occasional constipation.

Please read full product label before use. If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use.


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