Prevention & Relief

Prevention & Relief

How Do I Prevent Constipation?

Before you jump to medication, the first step in constipation prevention involves lifestyle changes.

A simple place to start is your diet. By consuming more fiber, your stool can increase in weight and more easily pass
through your intestinal system. Choose fiber-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables and foods labeled as having
3 grams or more of fiber. It is also important to drink at least four to six glasses of fluids per day.

Check out the chart below for some fiber-rich foods

Food Serving Size Grams of Fiber
Raspberries 1 cup 8
Pear 1 medium size pear 5.5
Green peas, boiled 1 cup 9
Broccoli, boiled 1 cup chopped 5
Whole wheat spaghetti, cooked 1 cup 6
Barley, pearled, cooked 1 cup 6
Split peas, boiled 1 cup 16
Lentils, boiled 1 cup 15.5
Black beans, boiled 1 cup 15

Beyond your diet, the next set of lifestyle changes involve your daily routine. Try to fit in a workout most days of the
week, as regular exercise increases muscle activity in your intestines. Another key to digestive ease is giving yourself
enough time to pass a bowel movement. While it can be diffcult to fit a trip to the bathroom in your busy schedule,
your body will thank you later if you take care of your number two needs in a timely fashion.

Getting Relief

No matter how many lifestyle changes you make, you may still sometimes find yourself stuck in a constipation bind.
Often constipation can be a result of hard, dry stool. Taking a product that helps soften stool can provide comfortable
relief. Learn about the benefits of different brands below:

Comparison of leading national OTC brands that claim to help soften stool*

Features Colace® Regular Strength Capsules Colace® Clear Soft Gels Colace® 2-IN-1 Tablets MiraLAX Powder Dulcolax Stool Softener Liquid Gels Phillips Stool Softener Liquid Gels
#1 Doctor Recommended Stool Softener Brand N N N
Pulls fluid from the body into the colon with a synthetic polymer N
Generally provides relief in 12-72 hours N N N N N
Convenient pill form; no need for mixing or measuring N N N N N
OTC label includes dosage for children under 17 years old N N N N N
Dual-Action stool softener and stimulant laxative N

*Source Nielsen Retail Sales report 52 weeks ending 7/13/19
MiraLAX and Phillips are trademarks of Bayer
Dulcolax is a trademark of Sanofi


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