Why Colace®?

The #1 doctor recommended stool softener brand

For over 60 years doctors have recommended Colace® Stool Softener Products for gentle, dependable, effective relief of occasional constipation.

Docusate sodium, the active ingredient in Colace® Capsules, allows water and fats to get into the stool. This softens fecal matter and makes defecation more comfortable.

Available in three formulations to help meet individual needs & preferences:

Colace® Regular Strength Capsules
  • A stool softener
  • Stimulant-FREE for comfortable relief
  • Gentle, dependable, effective relief in 12 to 72 hours

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Colace® Clear Soft Gels
  • A stool softener
  • Dye-free and Stimulant-free
  • Lowest available strength
  • Gentle dependable relief in 12 to 72 hours

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Colace® 2-IN-1 Tablets
  • A combination of a stool softener plus stimulant laxative
  • Provides gentle, overnight relief in 6 to 12 hours

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